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Terms and Conditions
From 1) to 18)
The travel contracts mentioned in the program herewith attached are governed by the provisions of L. 27/12/1977 No 1084, as applicable, for ratification and implementation of the Convention on International Travel Contracts (CCV) signed in Brussels on April 04th 1970 and by the Legislative Decree of March 03rd 1995 N. 111 for implementation of the CEE Directive of June 13th 1990 N.314. Liability of the travel organizer shall in no event exceed the limits established in the above mentioned laws.

As tours imply motorbike transportation, it is recommended that participants should be in excellent health. Motorbike Tours imply more risky activity compared to traditional Regular Tours. For this reason, participants benefit from Medical Assistance service. Further details and terms for use of this important services are available in the Allianz Insurance Carnet, which will be delivered to participants along with Travel Documents. Participants are requested to advise in advance about any health or medical problem they may suffer from.

In accordance with paragraph 21 of Legislative Decree. N. 111/95, a Guarantee Fund is established with the management of the Council of Ministers, to which a traveller can apply in case of insolvency or bankruptcy by the operator who organized or the retailer who sold the travel service, in order to obtain reimbursement for the travel service, or for the expenses of a return journey in case of travel abroad. Operating rules of this fund are established in paragraph 51 of the Tourism Code and application rules are established in the Ministerial Decree of July 23rd 1999 N. 349.

Upon registration, participants may subscribe to additional insurance coverage: supplements for medical expenses in case of hospital recovery, injury during travel, and public liability insurance.

Participant acknowledges and accepts the traffic laws in force in Italy. Participant is directly responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle he or she is driving or riding and for any damage this may cause to a third party. Participant with his or her own motorbike must have public liability insurance valid in Italy. Participant with rental motorbike must accept all the insurance conditions established by the Macedonia Tour partner Rental Company before the tour starts.

To make a reservation, participant must present to Macedonia Tour the application form duly completed in full and signed, along with down payment or balance due. Acceptance of reservation is subject to confirmation from the Tour organizer pending availability and is finalized only upon confirmation by Tour Organizer. Single travellers must agree to pay a single-occupancy supplement for lodging in case shared accommodation is not available.

Upon reservation, participant must pay the registration fee and a down-payment equal to 10% of the total amount due for participation. Balance must be paid upon receiving confirmation of reservation and in any case at least 45 days prior to Tour’s departure date. Failure by the participant to observe the above-mentioned conditions entitles Tour Organizer to cancel the reservation, even if already confirmed.

Participant will receive at least 20 days prior to tour’s departure date an Information Sheet featuring a detailed recapitulation of services included in Tour’s participation fee, along with additional useful information regarding the tour. Consignment of Travel Documents is subject to receipt of payment of the balance.

Tour’s Participation Fees are based on currency exchange rate and costs for services in force at the time program is drawn up ( € 1,00 = 1.30 USD). Fees may be subject to amendment, up to 20 days prior to departure date, depending upon variations in currency exchange rate, airline fees, and costs of various services. In case increase of Tour’s total participation fee exceeds 10%, participant is entitled to terminate the contract, provided that written communication is given to Tour’s Organizer within 48 hours following reception of the notification of Tour’s price increase.

In case the Organizer is forced to significantly change one or more parts of the contract, changes will be immediately communicated in writing to the participant who, if not willing to accept the change, will be entitled to terminate the contract, without payment of any penalty, by notifying the [Tour Operator of] termination in writing within 2 working days following receipt of the notification of changes.

In the event that the Organizer decides to cancel Tours for reasons of force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the Organizer, Tour participation fee will be refunded in full, with the exception of the Registration fee. MACEDONIA TOUR is entitled to cancel the tour also if the required minimum number of participants to operate the program has not been reached, provided that the participant is notified at least 30 days prior to departure date. In this case, the Organizer will have no other obligation than to refund the amounts already paid, including the Registration fee.

In case a participant who already registered cancels participation in a Tour, he or she will be entitled to receive reimbursement of amounts paid, less the Registration fee, and penalties as listed below: - 10% for cancellation with notification at least 45 days prior to departure date; - 50% for cancellation with notification 44-15 days prior to departure date; - 75% for cancellation with notification 14-10 days prior to departure date; - 100% for cancellation with notification of less than 9 days prior to departure date.

In case participant is unable to avail himself of the purchased travel package, he may transfer the contract to a third person, provided that the third party meets all other necessary conditions and requirements for the fruition of the services included in the package. In case of contract transfer, the Organizer must be notified of the transfer at least 20 days prior to Tour’s departure date, specifying personal details of the transferee, and an additonal [transfer] fee of € 50,00 will apply in addition to the Registration Fee.

In case of lack of or incomplete fulfilment of the package, the Organizer is obliged to reimburse for damage, unless it has been caused by reasons not under the control of the Organizer. Strikes, natural disasters, unfavourable weather conditions, delays in air or sea transportation, accidents, mechanical breakdowns, and unforeseeable problems will be considered as causes of force majeure. In such circumstances, itinerary may be subject to amendments as determined by Travel Staff, and this may prevent participants from availing themselves of some services; therefore contingent extra expenses and/or services not available or not recoverable under such circumstances will not be reimbursable. Participant agrees to accept henceforth such program changes or amendments, renouncing claims for reimbursement or indemnity. In case a participant should leave the group during the Tour trip for any reason, he will act at his own risk and will not be entitled to make any claim against the Organizing Agency or against services providers.

Passenger and freight carriers are responsible to travellers only during transportation with their means, in compliance with their own transportation conditions and with IATA and Government rules. Participants are obliged to observe Italian traffic laws. MACEDONIA TOUR cannot in any case be held responsible for accidents due to distraction, imprudence or unsafe driving of vehicles during the Tour. In case of participation with one’s personal motorbike, the Organizer is not responsible for loss of services due to breakdown of participant’s means of transportation. Participants whose means of transportation break down and cannot be repaired on site may proceed with the tour with a substitute vehicle, in which case all relevant costs with be at participant’s own expense. In case of participation with a rental motorbike, the participant accepts the Rental Contract terms and conditions by signing the same before Tour’s departure. If rental vehicle breaks down, it will be replaced, but availability of identical type / model is not guaranteed.

16) OBLIGATION OF PARTICIPANT: Render assistance to other crews in difficulty, comply with instructions given by Travel Staff from time to time, observe Italian laws, grant use of personal image Use Rights for video clips and photo services not detrimental to his legal person, observe basic security and caution. Participant will be responsible for any damage occurring to the Organizer caused by his or her failure to observe the above-mentioned obligations. Participant will submit to the Organizer in writing any particular request which might imply specific agreement about the terms of the Tour, provided that it is possible to fulfil the request. By signing this document, participant accepts terms and conditions of “The Price includes” and “The price does not include” lists.

Any failure of execution of services must be brought to the attention of the Travel Staff or the service provider on site by the participant to enable them to remedy such failure, and in any case it must be brought to their attention no later than 10 working days following the end of the tour by returnreceipt postal service or certified e-mail service.

For any dispute the Terni Tribunal will be the sole competent court.

Professional public liability insurance  
Aurora Assicurazioni n. 65/47516004
Coverage cap Euro 500,000.00
Umbria Region License
with decree n.558 of November 29th 1989. Technical Director: Colangeli Paolo