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After the success of Milan EXPO 2015 will continue with inLOMBARDIA.it
inLOMBARDIA.it  is an institutional company for the official promotion of the Lombardy's region. A place to discover the beauty of this area with news, updates, descriptions, pictures and everything that the region has to offer: travel tips, accommodations, tourist services and much more.
Based on an innovative and flexible model, InLOMBARDIA looks to develop the tourism market through a collaborative network between tourism operators, institutions, and similar entities .

Aimto is the partner of  inLOMBARDIA.it

Lombardy is a region showcasing incredible destinations, experiences, and territories.
Lombardy hosts plenty of affairs, don't miss Design and Fashion Week, celebrations, concerts, theater, cinema, exhibitions, sports, gastronomy, and more.

Events in Lombardy in this period :


Mille Miglia Brescia:

The Mille Miglia is a vintage car race that re-enacts of the long distance race which took place in Italy between 1927 and 1954.
The Mille Miglia is held in May each year, with participation limited to cars manufactured before 1957, and including only models that participated in the original race.
Every year, the historical re-enactment involves some 430 teams representing over thirty countries across all the continents of the world.
As well as being an automotive event, the Mille Miglia, is also a traditional, cultural and social event

Taste of Milano

Taste of Milano is the Milan foodie event par excellence held in May every year.
An exciting event that turns tasting into a creative fun moment, allowing participants to mix dishes presented by the chefs and accompany each one with a glass of wine suggested by the experts.
It features plenty of appointments for discovering new flavours and different cooking styles.

Leonardo3 - The World of Leonardo

Milan has welcomed this incredible exhibit dedicated to the genius himself, Leonardo da Vinci and his inventions. Take advantage of the technology and discover a whole new side to Leonardo. Check out his own documents that have been digitalized alongside 200 interactive machines that are perfect to involve even the little ones. 
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Mr. Carcano e AIMTO staff to share the motorbike history.

The first Motorcycle built in Italy (1898) - The Marquis Carcano and Carlo Maserati at Anzano del Parco

The first  bicycle factory in Affori, near Milan, where Carcano developed a one-cylinder internal combustion engine for motorized bicycles. The engine went into production at Marquis Michele Carcano di Anzano del Parcos factory, using a leather strap as transmission (1898). 

In order to share the details and the place, our staff took part at the interesting event at the TTT tourism Erba focused on the hidden place and villas close to Como Lake. 
The current owner Mr. Bosetti Giorgio Carcano illustrates the history and the beautiful villa with its gardens and its own private lake.

Discover Lombardy by motorcycle, enjoying the ups and downs of its mountain roads, the hills and the superb villas surrounding its lakes.
Come with us and visit the lake region




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The Universal Exposition: Milan as the door to Italy

On April 28, 1906 the International Exhibition dedicated to transportation was inaugurated in Milan. For the occasion, the area behind the Castello Sforzesco, the current Sempione Park, was home to more than 200 pavilions. The interest in the progress made in the fields of land and sea transportation was high. All the world was waiting for the work to be completed on the Simplon Tunnel. The event allowed Milan to take a starring role on the international stage.

Milan Today

Milan is preparing the Universal Exhibition, which will transform the city into the main gateway to Italy and all of his beauty. From the wonderful mountain vistas to the crystal waters of the Mediterranean, Italy offers unique experiences to every type of tourist: Milan will be proud to present to the world a country where thousands of years of history have created a way of life that is known everywhere for its beauty, food and lifestyle. And if you want to know Italy, Milan is the best place to start.

Discover where can you ride in 20 minutes from Milan with Aimto     (click on logo) : 


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Discover Italy during EXPO 2015 riding the motorcycle of your dreams!
Aimto, the most important italian operator specialized in motorcycle tours in Italy, is delighted to offer you a unique experience during EXPO 2015!  
Across Italy Motorcycle Tours: this is what Aimto stands for. The most important italian motorcycle tours specialzed operator. Aimto makes you discover the real italian beauties riding the motorcycle of your dreams, with unique itineraries that will show you gorgeous landscapes, stunning cities and make you live incredible culinary experiences.  
Thanks to the great experience of Aimto Tour leaders, you will only have to get on the bike of your dreams and ride! Aimto takes care of every single         aspect of your tour, from the hotel and restaurants selection to the 24 hours assistance.      
Aimto offers a wide variety of motorcycles, from BMWs to Ducati and Guzzi.
   Italy represents a priceless treasure trove for any traveler and still more for bikers. Discovering Italy by bike is an added value that permits you to blend completely with such an extraordinary environment and to plunge into a variegated and unique landscape in the world. The roads of Italy stimulate the bikers’ drive, curiosity and fantasy.
Our motorcycle guided tours are characterized by a miscellany of landscapes and events to discover a country in a different way. Along some of the world’s most spectacular mountain roads, across hills that appear to be painted by Renaissance artists, discovering fascinating routes that lead to the sea. In this “container” there is a universe rich in history, traditions and cultures that manifest themselves in a different and incredible way in every region. Every city or village, even the small ones, can represent an interesting destination worth visiting. Following the traces of history, culture, wine and food or of folklore, on a bike you can get to know Italy deeper. The intrinsic curiosity of the biker makes the difference and closes the circle of our proposals.
We travel carefully and we respect nature. Drive “slow” and with the greatest attention. In this way, Italy by motorbike will appear even more beautiful and you will undoubtedly live an unforgettable experience.
We are looking forward to welcoming you and having the ride of a lifetime during Expo 2015 in Italy!
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Bellagio Festival 2014
After a Tour of Lake Como

From the first edition until today, with more than two hundred events, the festival has traced out a route in a project of cultural tourism that spans the entire Lake region.

The Lake Como, with its waves of fresh water, its shores of white pebbles and those green trees that act as a crown, is the ideal destination for those who want to feel in a timeless place. 
How to experience it? There is nothing better than driving along this stretch of water with your motorbike.
The lake, with its light and reflections, has fascinated and seduced the most important and unforgettable names in art. These are the places where they lived some of the most intense moments of their artistic and sentimental lives.
Scientists like Alessandro Volta, thinkers like Cesare Beccaria, musicians like Liszt, Rossini, Bellini, Verdi and Wagner, men of letters like Manzoni, Fogazzaro, Stendhal, Flaubert and Foscolo.
Come with us and visit Lake Region
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AIMTO and Tourist Trophy 2014

The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race is a motorcycle racing event held on the Isle of Man that was for many years the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world. The event was part of the FIM Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship during the period 1949–1976 before being transferred to the United Kingdom after safety concerns and run by the FIM as the British Grand Prix for the 1977 season. The Isle of Man TT Races became part of the TT Formula 1 Championship from 1977 to 1990 to preserve the event's racing status. From 1989 the racing has been developed by the Isle of Man Department of Tourism as the Isle of Man TT Festival. 
Fonte: Wikipedia
In order to celebrate the Tourist Trophy race, on May 13 a convention was held at the sports association CIAPA LA MOTO in Milan. Our staff took part at the interesting event focused on the safety at the Tourist Trophy event. The champion Giacomo Agostini and the writer Donnini attended the meeting as motorcycling and TT experts.
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Milan, Design Week Festival 2014 and AIMTO

After eight editions, with a progressive increase of attendance and contents, The Design Week, comes back to Milan from the 9th to the 13th April 2014 perfectly fitting in the always growing program of Fuorisalone, with the duty of integrating the traditional offer of The Design Week (Settimana del Design) with a wide and organic series of musical and cultural events featuring a strong focus on entertainment.

Rane Design week

In order to enrich the program, there is a series of riding emotions we will add to The Design Week. For example, spend one day in Milan and the other one in Como visiting the lake and its amazing surroundings riding a motorcycle. 

Come with us, change different ways to enjoy the most suggestive locations of the region.
Discover our motorbike guided vacations. Contact us.

salone del mobile 2014


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Let's celebrate AIMTO start up with its American friends in Chicago

At the launch of the Aimto brand (Across Italy Motorcycle Tours) Ivan Bianchi, the owner of the company, chose to enter the American market at one of the most important exhibitions of motorcycles in the USA: PROGRESSIVE INTERNATIONAL MOTORCYCLE SHOWS.

If for you motorcycling also means travelling, emotions along the road and all the pleasures of a beautiful holiday, then don’t miss out on our amazing proposal of moto-tourism: this year AIMTO is coming to Chicago for the first time.

Thanks to a partnership between AIMTO, Hear the road and Macedonia Adventure you can combine a holiday in Rome and its surroundings with the poetry of a delightful tour across the amazing Italian Alps. We offer you a vacation with all the comforts you need!

All the bikers who come and visit us at the fair of Chicago (booth 2208) will get a special price for their first booking with AIMTO.

Bikers with Motorcycle Holidays in Italy are very welcome.


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